about the photographer

Jörg Dietz

I was born 1961 in Hamburg. In the age of 10 I made my first pictures with a box camera. 1977 I got my first used SLR Camera. I worked with SLRs until the end of the last century. 1997 I got my first digital camera. I was impressed about the possibilities of digital photography. The biggest advantage in my eyes is the possibilitie immediately to see the results.

Most in time I didn't plan a photography. It simply "happens". I follow no style, I took what I can get. The camera is only a tool for me. The pictures are in my head, the camara is the tool to catch this pictures.

2012 - Kunst in Bewegung (Wettmar/Hannover)
2013 - Pinselwerke & Lichtblicke - Galerie am Falkenberg (Hamburg Neugraben)
2015 - Deutscher Pressevertrieb (Gruner + Jahr) Hamburg
2017 - Hamburg - Einst & Jetzt - Galerie am Falkenberg